Exhibition of postgraduate research work-in-progress
Edinburgh College of Art - Main building - Sculpture court
Opening: Tuesday, 5 July, 17:00 - 19:00

Restraint and Hijara:...

Kenneth Chau

Viewing the Old Town from...

Klas Hyllen


Esra Oskay

Touchstone I & II

Jessica Harrison

Untitled (Jetée)

Wendy Kirkup

Fractal Geometry in Landscape...

Agnes Patuano

Distance Clocks

Larissa Pschetz


Esra Oskay


Sue Hawksley

Moving Stills

Val McLean

Monsters in fairy tale

Ching-Yu Chang

An Evening In Front Of The...

Gerry Smith

Blankness & Illusion in...

Gerard Jefferson-Lewis

Ancient Korean Sanggam...

Keeryong Choi